Types of advertising

The following advertisement types are offered by "Mediasales Azerbaijan" LLC:
  • Direct advertisement – placement of preview trailer in the advertising panel of telecasts (pre-, in- and post-telecast).

  • Placement of banner in the size of ¼ of monitor.

  • Placement of advertisement with running lines in telecasts and serials. This allows attracting the attention of spectators without tiring them.

  • Placement of all types of sponsor advertisements in telecasts – including main sponsorship, sponsorship and product placement.

    Sponsorship – television advertisement presented by information on title, activity and commodity of a sponsor, trademark, logo, running lines, visual and audio means on condition that a person should be shown as a sponsor. Positive aspect of such advertisement is its naturalness, a spectator would have been freely informed on a company.

  • Video filming and production of video rolls for broadcast on television news. Quality director’s design and production of video rolls presenting your product from more effective position.

  • Participation of the guest that you present in telecasts.

  • Placement of announces on television and radio.

  • Special television holyday projects and their related various discounts.

  • Placement of telecasts, serials, TV projects.


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