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"Mediasales Azerbaijan" LLC carries out ad placement activity in four well-known TV channels of different profiles and two highest rated radio stations in Azerbaijan.

1. "ATV" has been the most rated TV channel in Azerbaijan for many years. This informative-entertaining channel broadcasts interesting telecasts such as "ATV Xəbər", "ATV İdman", "Həftə sonu", "Made in Azerbaijan", "ATV Səhər", "Həkimsən", and tasteful serials.

2. "ARB" TV Channel – The broadcasting policy of this channel is based on social-informational programs, musical-entertaining telecasts and live talk-shows.

3. "ARB Günəş" TV Channel is the first and presently, most popular channel designed for children in Azerbaijan. Surely, as the audience of this channel includes not only children, but also their parents, whole family can be a potential buyer of the product you offer.

4. "ARB 24" TV channel is a news channel operating under non-stop mode. The urgent economic, political and social news are presented in detailed and rich form on this channel, and view-exchange is held on the news.

5. "106 FM" Radio station is the home to the latest foreign hits, broadcasting of music of various genres for all tastes, live broadcasts, analytical programs and spiritual food.

6. "106.3 FM" radio station is one of the most active propagandists of national music, space of entertainment, home to popular programs such as "Autostop", "Boomerang" in all over Azerbaijan, producer of the rated programs such as "Çox yaşa", "106.3 FM muğam saatı".

Exceptional rights on ad placement in all the above-listed platforms is held only by "Mediasales Azerbaijan" LLC.

TV advertising is the most effective and accurate type of advertising. Television has already become a matchless attribute of each home for many years and it is difficult to imagine any family without television. Television advertisement purposefully attracts the attention of the audience through bright images, pleasant sound and repeated reiteration.

Radio has also millions of listeners, especially the people behind the steering wheel and their passengers. That is why radio is the most effective way to deliver information to listener. Although radio has declined somewhat due to the spread of the Internet, its popularity is unconditional and unparalleled in any journey.

Such a wide audience allows you to use the radio rationally and effectively for development of your business and services.

Advantages of ad placement on TV channels and radio stations offered by "Mediasales Azerbaijan" LLC:

- wide audience all over the country;
- absolute and effective reaction of the spectator or listener;
- ability to provide any product or service specified by the law;
- reputation of the TV channels and radio stations providing advertisement and people’s trust in them increase your reliability too;

By cooperating with "Mediasales Azerbaijan" LLC, you have the opportunity to get the maximum effect from the information support, quality guarantee, professional approach and financial investment in promotion of your product.


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